Here are a few words from our clients:

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"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die
I want to go where they went."

- Unknown


    Ritsa, of Happy Hounds is the main reason we've been able to keep our beloved Springer Spaniel.  Our 2 year old Springer, Zoe was close to finding another home. Diagnosed with OCD as a pup this little dog was becoming quite a handful for my wife and I. Although we loved her to pieces, her bizarre habits were disrupting our home and endangering her life as well. 
   We tried a few trainers but were quickly turned off by their heavy handed techniques. Clearly, so was Zoe, as she exhibited even more strange behavior. As a last resort, my veterinarian put her on behavior modification drugs. Thankfully, we met Ritsa and she has worked magic with Zoe. Zoe has responded so wonderfully to Ritsa's loving, positive reinforcement techniques, that we were able to take her off the medication in 2 months. Zoe's progress was just amazing. We learned how our habits and body language were effecting Zoe's behavior as well. We continue to train with Ritsa as she helps develop Zoe's full potential. Our seemingly unteachable Springer is working to earn the "Canine Good Citizen" award under Ritsa's guidance.  Thank You Ritsa!

Vinny & Jennifer

When our beloved male Akita passed away in Dec.2004, our female Akita became quite depressed. We made the decision to adopt a friend for her at a shelter in Queens, NY.  We had not had a puppy in a long time, but when we saw Bella, we immediately bonded.  Upon returning to L.I. we realized this pup although 6 months old, had no training whatsoever! She ran around the house tormenting our other dog, who is 6 years old, chewing everything in sight (inc. us!), and was not house broken! Help!!!
Then with the recommendation of our vet we made a call to Ritsa Galitsis.  Ritsa came to our rescue, and spent a few weeks helping us train Bella. We learned a lot and were so grateful. One of the things we learned was that Bella was quite food motivated, and Ritsa had her following commands in no time, with the help of hot dogs.( which to this day she is still fond of)  We thank Ritsa for her expertise in helping Bella adapt, and giving us the tools we needed to help her accomplish those goals. And save our furniture and sanity in the process! Her love for dogs, and their love for her is immediately apparent! Thank you for everything Ritsa!
Chris and Diane
Tika and Bella


Happy Hounds dog training has transformed our Labs into well behaved dogs. The positive reinforcement technique used benefits both the dog and owner. We looked forward to the basic obedience class each week as much as our dogs did. Ritsa is by far the best dog trainer we have ever met. Thank you for your time, expertise in dog training and your love for animals. We highly recommend Ritsa to anyone who is in need of a dog trainer.
Nicole and Tom 
Penny and Captain

When we brought our puppy Scout home, I was reminded of how I felt when we brought our first baby home from the hospital: overwhelmed and ill prepared.
Ritsa helped us with basic training in puppy classes (sit, stay, down, leave it, come) and tailored private sessions with us to help Scout become less fearful of strangers.  Her method of training involves positive reinforcement only and she is knowledgeable, patient and consistent.  She also keeps up with animal related issues and shares new information by e-mail.   
Now we can't imagine our family without Scout, and we believe Ritsa's influence in his training has helped him become the lovable dog he is.
Janet & Richard