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Basic Obedience & Manners
For dogs of all ages, this is designed for individuals who prefer or require one-on-one instruction on basic obedience and manners.  The advantage to private instruction is individual attention and focus, and is also the best option for dogs who are either aggressive or fearful.  Private lessons are offered by appointment.

Behavior Modification
Designed to be conducted in private, one-on- one sessions, the goal of behavior modification training is to change a specific behavior problem or pattern of problems.  Observation of the dog's habits and environment, as well as his history, are used to create a program of change.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

                Basic Obedience, New Puppy:

                    Initial Session         1 1/2-2hrs     $150

                    Follow-up Sessions    1 hr.            $100


    347 732 9438            nyhappyhounds@gmail.com